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Brands can now effectively reach independent media & diverse audiences at scale, including Gen-Z, multi-ethnic, LGBTQ+, BIPOC, gender, disability, and religion, ensuring relevance in today's super-diverse society.
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Where diversity meets ads!
Frequently asked questions

Is it free to use the self-service marketplace?

Yes, brands, advertisers, media agencies, and publishers (with a standard media agreement) can use our platform for free. If you prefer, we will set up a free, 30-minute onboarding call with you to get you up and running as soon as possible.

What impact does inclusive advertising have on brand success?

Inclusive advertising, which embraces diversity and acknowledges unique backgrounds and identities, fosters authentic connections with customers, leading to increased loyalty, positive word-of-mouth, and improved brand performance.
Neglecting diversity in advertising may result in a loss of relevance and a struggle to connect with excluded consumers. With a more inclusive advertising strategy, brands can reach new audiences and expand their customer base, leading to greater brand success.

Does inclusive advertising involve collaborating with diverse content creators?

Yes, collaborating with diverse content creators can be a powerful way to ensure authenticity and cultural sensitivity in inclusive advertising. Working with influencers, creators, and storytellers from different backgrounds allows brands to gain valuable insights into diverse communities and create more meaningful and relevant campaigns.

How can inclusive advertising contribute to social change?

Inclusive advertising can contribute to social change by challenging stereotypes and promoting diversity and acceptance. When brands showcase diverse representations in their advertising with authenticity, they send a positive message that celebrates differences and fosters inclusivity. This can influence societal perceptions and attitudes, promoting a more accepting and open-minded culture.

How does inclusive advertising contribute to authenticity in brand messaging?

Inclusive advertising fosters authenticity in brand messaging by accurately representing diverse backgrounds and identities, demonstrating a genuine understanding of the audience. When brands genuinely connect with diverse communities, listen to their feedback, and create campaigns that resonate on a deeper level, they build trust and stronger connections with their customers, standing out in the market as genuinely inclusive and authentic.

Can advertising be a powerful force for unity and positive change?

Absolutely! Inclusive advertising celebrates diversity, fosters understanding, and champions social change. Brands can inspire empathy and advocate for meaningful values, leaving a lasting impact on society, and shaping a future of harmony and hope.

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